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This site is the home of Mark H. Kavanaugh's various projects, publications, creative works, and other endeavors.


This section outlines information on my published CourseBooks.  CourseBooks are iBook format materials specifically designed to be used in the courses I teach.


Resources related to the core concepts of my Instructional Engineering model.  This section of the site contains information, resources and links to my writings and work in this area.


This section provides links to my blog, podcasts, and video channels for Psychobabble.  Psychobabble is a set of writings, lectures, and videos on all manner of subjects related to Psychology and other Social Sciences.


What is a website without a bit of poetry and fiction in it?  This section provides links to my published poetry and works of fiction


As a musician (player and composer) I love to share my work.  This section connects to information on my recordings and musical projects.


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